Lab Personnel





Maegan Finley Leary
Lab Manager

Maegan has been a lab manager at Brigham Young University for seven years, 4 years in a population genetics lab and 3 in the Kauwe lab. She is trained in molecular lab techniques from DNA extractions to various PCR and sequencing methods. She has been published on 8 papers in the field of population genetics and 2 papers on the genetics of Alzheimer’s disease. Maegan enjoys reading, hiking, and spending time with her husband and 2 children.


  Justina Tavana
Bioinformatics Program Administrator

Justina (Tina) completed her B.S. in Biology from Brigham Young University-Hawaii in 2003. After graduation, Tina moved to Provo where she worked in Pediatrics for 9 years while completing a Masters in Business Administration. Tina is excited to be a part of the Kauwe Lab and is passionate about science and the exciting research that is happening in the lab.

'Ailana Meyer

Administrative Assistant

'Ailana was a part of the Kauwe Lab as an undergraduate student at Brigham Young University while working towards a B.S. in Microbiology. During her time in the lab, she participated as both a Research Assistant and an Administrative Assistant. After graduating in 2016, she continued to work in the Kauwe Lab as an Administrative Assistant. She enjoys working along side the Kauwe Lab Team and being a part of the exciting research. 

Current Students

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Ciarah Cook Biology, PhD 
Josue Gonzalez Biology, PhD 
Lyndsay Staley Biology, MS 
MacKenzie Arrington Human Development,  
Moroni Chalita Genetics,  
Kristen Crofts Bioinformatics,  
Meganne Ferrel Microbiology,  
AnnaLeah Larson Neuroscience,  
Lelann Latu Exercise Science,  
Calvin Quigley Bioinformatics,  
Keni Reid Neuroscience,  
Brooke Spencer Biology,  
Sage Wright Bioinformatics,  
Elizabeth Vance Bioinformatics,  
Lia Ludlam Genetics and Biotechnology,  
Taylor Avei Biology,