Alzheimer's Association International Conference (2016)

BYU Forum (2016)
"Alzheimer's Disease: Myths, Facts, and the Future"
Click here to watch/listen to full talk.

President's Leadership Council Meeting (2016)
Accompanied by Lyndsay Staley and Josue Gonzalez (Mentored Students)
Time: 3:27 - 20:40

UC Irvine International Imaging Genetics Program (2016)

Kaha Nui Polynesian Summit (2015)
"Success, Pride, and Polynesians"

NIH-NIA Alzheimer's Disease Summit (2015)
Time: 6:46:00 - 6:53:10, 7:41:20 - 7:43:30


BYU's Inspiring Learning Initiative

$3 Million Grant Awarded to Utah Organizations for Alzheimer's Research (Good4Utah)

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Loss of Function in Rab10 Gene Cuts Alzheimer's Risk by up to 40% 


Matt Townsend Show (BYU Radio)
"Alzheimer Research"

TREM2 and Other Alzheimer's Disease Progress (BYU Radio)


Chatbooks Fundraiser (September 2017)

Rheumatic Relief with Qualtrics (March 2018)


BYU Forum: "Alzheimer's Disease: Myths, Facts, and the Future" (2016)


Innovative Research Finds A Gene That May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease (Forbes Magazine)  

BYU Alzheimer's Lab Raises Awareness on the Disease's Widespread Reach (Daily Universe)

Scientists Link a Gene Mutation to Rheumatic Heart Disease (New York Times)

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High Blood Pressure Associated with Lower Risk for Alzheimer's (BYU)

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Tau Timing: New Findings on Disease Progression, Clearance (Alzheimer Research Forum)

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