John 'Keoni' S.K. Kauwe, Ph.D
John "Keoni" S.K. Kauwe, Ph.D

Dr. Kauwe is an Associate Professor of Biology and head of the Bioinformatics program at 
Brigham Young University. He specializes in processing and analysis of genetic data and has published over 80 papers in this field. His research leverages novel phenotypes and approaches to characterize the genetic architecture of Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Kauwe is the recipient of several awards, including the Poletsky Award, the New Vision Award, and the McMillian Award, for his work in Alzheimer’s disease. Dr. Kauwe currently serves as the Scientific Lead for the SAGE AD Challenge and as a Senior Editor for Alzheimer’s and Dementia.

Contact Dr. Kauwe at:

4146 LSB Provo, UT 84602
phone: 801-422-2993
fax: 801-422-0900

Dr. Kauwe's Curriculum Vitae (pdf)

Welcome to the Kauwe Lab

Dr. John Kauwe with 3 students

We are interested in the genetic architecture of complex traits. Our current research is focused on using cerebrospinal fluid protein levels as intermediate traits, or endophenotypes, to identify genetic risk factors for Alzheimer's disease. We also have several ongoing projects using whole genome sequence data to identify risk factors for Alzheimer's disease, healthy aging and other traits. We have collaborators at several large clinical centers and focus on data analysis and bioinformatics. Please click on the Research tab for details on the funded work in the Kauwe Lab.
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Apr 2015Kauwe Lab undergraduates have had great success being placed in summer internships this summer! Congratulations to: Devan Bursey- Universita degli Studi di Milano (Italy), Ariel Hippen- The Rothberg Institute (Yale) and Mark Wadsworth- Tute Genomics.
Apr 2015Congratulations to Kauwe Lab's Ivan Rodriguez for successfully defending his thesis and graduating with his Master's!
Feb 20157 Kauwe Lab undergraduates (Ariel Hippen, Mark Wadsworth, Chad Sorensen, Emily Sears, Eleni Tukuafu, Brian Davis & Josue Gonzalez) win ORCA Undergraduate Research Award
Feb 2015Dr. Kauwe speaks at the NIH AD Research Summit
Oct 2014Paper published in Plos Genetics including Kauwe Lab undergraduates Matthew Bailey, Mark Wadsworth, Ben Ainscough, Kaitlin Hoyt & Lyndsay Staley as co-authors
Aug 2014Dr. Kauwe granted tenure and promotion to Associate professor
Jun 2014Dr. Kauwe 2014 McMillian Award for Excellence in Alzheimer’s disease research
Feb 20148 Kauwe Lab undergraduates (Kevin Boehme, Devan Bursey, Josue Gonzalez, Tyler Mower, Ammon Perkes, Lyndsay Staley, Eleni Tukuafu) win ORCA Undergraduate Research Award
Jan 2014Dr. Kauwe named Senior Associate Editor for Alzheimer’s & Dementia Journal
Jan 2014Dr. Kauwe named Scientific Lead for SAGE AD Challenge (!Synapse:syn2290704)
Jan 2014Paper published in Genetic Epidemiology including Kauwe Lab undergraduate Matthew Bailey as co-author
Aug 2013Dr. Kauwe receives the Young Scholar Award from BYU
Apr 2013Dr Kauwe, Matt Bailey, David McKean publish in Neuron
Mar 2013New Vision Grant awarded (Dr. Kauwe PI)
Nov 2012Paper published in the New England Journal of Medicine! (pdf) Kauwe lab PhD Candidate Perry Ridge is a co-author. For news reports click here.
Nov 2012Congratulations to Perry Ridge for successfully defending his PhD. First Kauwe Lab PhD graduate!
Aug 2012 NIH-NIA R01 application (Dr. Kauwe PI) FUNDED!!!!!!!!
Jun 2012Kauwe Lab member Michael Peterson was awarded a Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarship
Apr 2012Kauwe Lab Undergraduates have had great success being placed in summer internships this summer! Congratulations to:Shane Dooley-ARUP Laboratories, David Patty-Qualtrics, Lucas Pinto-Harvard University, Matthew Bailey and Caitlin Munger-University of Utah, Michael Peterson-Niigata University (Japan)
Mar 2012NIH-NIA R01 application (Dr. Kauwe PI) ranked three points better than the published funding line...will it be enough!?!?! Stay tuned for an update after the funding meetings in May!
Feb 2012Kauwe Lab Undergraduates Mo Lee, Ryan Stinger, Tanner Cox, Krista Bean, Michael Peterson and Jesse Cobell receive Research Awards from the BYU Office of Research and Creative Activities.
Feb 2012Kauwe Lab Undergraduates Mo Lee and Ben Ainscough accept positions as PhD students in the Human Statistical Genetics program at the Washington University Division of Biology and Biomedical Sciences
Feb 20126 Kauwe Lab Undergraduates (Frederick Rohlfing, Aaron Gustin, Caitlin Munger, Lyndsay Staley and Cameron Schmutz) win ORCA Undergraduate Research Awards! Congrats!
Jan 2012BYU Gerontology Program Research Grant awarded (Dr. Kauwe PI)
Jan 2012John A. Widtsoe grant awarded (Dr. Kauwe PI)
Jan 2012Dr. Kauwe featured as the WUSTL DBBS Alumni Spotlight
Sep 2011Paper published in Archives of Neurology including Kauwe Lab undergraduate David Patty as a co-author (see Publications)
Aug 2011Paper published in Archives of Neurology including Kauwe Lab PhD Candidate Perry Ridge as a co-author (PDF here)
Aug 2011Kauwe Lab receives 3 year, $150K grant from the Alzheimer's Association to study the genetic factors that influence the rate of progression of disease.
Jul 2011Kauwe Lab Undergraduates David Peterson, David Patty and Matthew Bailey presented posters at the Alzheimer's Association International Conference on Alzheimer's disease in Paris, France.
May 2011Kauwe Lab welcomes its newest member, Nawai Keith Kauwe!!!!!!
Apr 2011Dr. Kauwe co-authors two papers in the same issue of Nature Genetics Paper 1 Paper 2. Media coverage here.
Apr 2011Kauwe Lab undergraduates David Patty and Matthew Bailey receive travel fellowships to attend the International Conference on Alzhiemer's disease.
Mar 2011Kauwe Lab Undergraduate Matthew Bailey is awarded a BYU Cancer Research Center Fellowship
Feb 2011Ten undergraduate research assistants from the Kauwe Lab awarded ORCA grants from BYU
Feb 2011Paper published in PLoS ONE including Kauwe Lab undergraduates Wayne Latu, Manti Su'a and Mo Lee
Jan 2011BYU Gerontology Program Research Grant awarded (Dr. Kauwe PI)
Dec 2010Kauwe lab is awarded Mentoring Environment Grant by BYU
Sep 2010Kauwe lab featured by KUTV 2News (video) and ABC4 News (video)
Sep 2010Paper published in PLoS Genetics (see Publications)
Sep 2010NIH Grant R01 AG035083 is funded (Dr. Kauwe subcontract PI)
Jul 2010Paper published in the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease (see Publications)
Feb 2010Kauwe lab undergraduate research assistant Taylor Turnbull receives Office of Research and Creative Activities Grant from BYU
Jan 2010Kauwe lab is awarded Mentoring Environment Grant by BYU